Red's resident astrologer, Yasmin Boland, reveals what's in store for your star sign in April 2023, with her free horoscope for all the signs of the zodiac.

Find out what's in store for your sign this month...


21st April to 21st May

The New Moon in your sign offers you the best chance to start all over again in any part of your life that you want to. Make a wish on June 18 and send it out to the universe. If you've been putting in the graft at work, a promotion really is possible now.

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free horoscopes uk
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23rd June to 23rd July

Tempting as it might be to get out there and have fun with friends, this month has another suggestion for you: take some time to go within, too. Sure, make the most of the good vibes in the Social Life Zone of your horoscope, but also remember to spend some time meditating or contemplating. A little bit of soul-searching will go a long way now.


24th July to 23rd August

This is a potentially very good month for you. Hopefully the past few years have taught you lots of important lessons about how hard work brings results. The good news? Those rewards should start to come through now. There's also a new start for you socially this month.


24th August to 23rd September

For the rest of this year and into next, it's not always going to be easy when it comes to relationships. And yet June should be a good month for you and a partner - or even ex-patner. It's a time to sort things out, honour commitments and start to feel more secure in your relationship.


24th September to 23rd October

The rest of this year might feel like a bit of a drudge. It looks like you have lots of duties, responsibilities and challenges to sort through. Do your best and you will soon start to see that your efforts are not in vain.Going slowly and steadily towards your goals is the best way.


24th October to 22nd November

Do you want the good news or the good news? This month sees a rather lovely alignment between lucky Jupiter and the planet of security, Saturn, that will trigger your Love and Romance Zones. Whichever way you slice it, love is in the air, or at the very least a very good chance for some solid flirtation.


23rd November to 21st December

Once a year you get a chance to start all over again with your partner or your love life in general - this is the month. The June New Moon is in your Love Zone, so set some intentions for whatever you want! At the same time, your home life looks to become a little more predictable - in a good way.


22nd December to 20th January

This is the month to practise your communication skills, as well as to think about the messages you're putting out. No one could blame you if you've allowed yourself to slip into a more negative mindset lately, but now is the time to get your head straight and start to expect good things. In doing so, you could even attract them!

free horoscopes uk
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21st January to 19th February

If you can manage it between everything else going on, focus on your love life. You have a ton of energy in your Love Zone as Venus and Mars parade through that part of your horoscope, plus the New Moon is reminding you that if your love life is a bit dull, there's only one person to liven it up.


20th February to 20th March

There's a new start for you at home or with family this month. You could be moving house or returning from a long trip away or thinking about making somewhere completely different your home. Whatever happens, remember that you need stability right now: don't do anything half-baked. Overall, the skies are on your side this month, especially mid-month.


21st March to 2oth April

If you can work through your fears about money, you could find that you hit some kind of jackpot this month, or perhaps come up with an idea which will be a very good earner. While your fortunes can still go up or down during this cycle, the more you expect financial success, the more likely you are to attract it.


21st April to 21st May

This month looks extra good for you as the lucky planet Jupiter, newly arrived in your sign, links up with stable and secure Saturn in your Wishes Zone. Dreams can come true now and your social life might feel better than it has done in years. Financially, there is a new start on offer for you, too.

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